Established in 2013

A choice of passion for Lyndon Preston to own and operate a firearms business.

He will never say he knows it all, but instead will always seek knowledge, and advice, to assist the customer.

Prime objectives are:

  • Carry what the customer asks for.
  • Seek new products and solutions for the customer.
  • Appreciate advice and information from customers and suppliers alike.
  • Works with, and promotes, Presto‚Äôs Hunting and Shooting as an associate store in Mildura.
  • Shop with someone who is just as passionate as you about his firearms.

At Gunning for you, you will quickly discover my passion for owning and operating a firearms business. When you make an enquiry, I will always get the best possible information regarding the products from only the most trusted sources.

My main objectives are to carry out all of the requests of our customers promptly and accurately, seek new products and solutions for the customer that suits the purpose and budget for the customer’s requirements, always appreciate and take on informal advice from my customer and suppliers alike.